Last Updated: November 23rd 2020, 8:45 pm

Adam Driver Wife - Joanne Tucker

Adam Driver Joanne Tucker wife

Adam Driver is undoubtedly one of the best actors, as he has been nominated two times for an Academy Award and four times for the Emmy Awards.


However, we believe that you want to learn more about his personal life.


Here you are at the right place, because today you will learn more about Adam’s wife.


Who is Adam Driver wife?

The Star Wars star is married to Joanne Tucker.


They story together began back at the Drama Division's Group 38 of which Driver and Tucker were part.


Their passion for art got them together and ever since they started to date, they have been together.


After many years of dating the couple finally decided that, it is time to get married.


In June 2013, Adam Driver and Joanne Ticker got married at a private wedding ceremony.


Joanne Tucker Bio

Now a little more about Joanne Tucker biography.


Joanne Tucker date of birth is June 26, 1982, which means that her age is 38. 

According to her birthday, Joanne’s zodiac sign is Cancer.


Joanne was born and raised in New York, the United States, so her nationality is American.


Joanne has one sibling that we know of, a sister.


Joanne Tucker Career

Do you still wander what is Joanne’s job?


Well, such as Adam she is an actor.


Tucker is mainly known for her roles in the movies The Report (2019), Give or Take (2020) and Gayby (2012).


She also appeared in Girls, where her husband had a main role.


Together with Adam, she is part of the Arts in the Armed Forces charity (AITAF).


Joanne Tucker Personal Life

Joanne is actually very private about her personal life.


She and her partner, despite being famous, prefer to maintain a low profile on social media.


Joanne does not use Instagram or Twitter.


Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker Family

As we already said, Joanne and Adam prefer to keep everything a secret.


They got engaged in secret, married in secret and somehow the couple managed to keep a secret that they have a child.


Yes, you have read this right, Adam and Joann had kept the fact that they have a son for three years. 


However, we were unable to find Joanne Tucker’s son name, as the parents have not revealed it yet.


One step at a time, we guess.