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Karyn Parsons Husband - Alexandre Rockwell

Alexandre Rockwell Karyn Parsons

Karyn Parsons has portrayed probably one of the most memorable female characters of all time - Hilary Banks.


Karyn and the whole cast of the show were an integral part of our lives for years, but what exactly do we know about the personal lives of the actors that touched so many hearts and put a smile on million of faces.


Today we will take a look into Karyn Parsons life outside the scree and we will learn more about her husband.


Who is Karyn Parsons' husband?

Karyn has been married twice, as her first marriage ended up with a divorce back in 1990. She was married to Randy Brooks from 1987 to 1990.


However, Karyn married the director Alexandre Rockwell in 2003.


They tied the knot in their lovely wedding ceremony, which took place on February 8, 2003.


Who is Alexandre Rockwell?

As we already mentioned, Alexandre is a movie director, as well as a producer and a screenwriter.


He is also known for being the husband of Karyn Parsons.


Now, let's take a look into Alexandre Rockwell's biography and learn more about him.

Alexandre Rockwell Bio

Alexandre Rockwell was born on August 18, 1956, which means that his age is 64.


According to his birthday, Alexandre's zodiac sign is Leo.


Alexandre was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, so his nationality is American.

Alexandre Rockwell Family

The love to the movies runs in Alexandre's blood. His grandfather, Alexandre Alexieff, is a Russian animator and the creator of the pinscreen.


Rockwell's grandmother was an actress in France, where she originally met Alexandre's grandfather.


Alexandre's mother, Svetlana Rockwell, was born in Paris, but she emigrated to the US and there she married Alex's father, who was a painter.

Alexandre Rockwell Career and Movies

As we already mentioned before, Alexandre works as a movie director, a screenwriter and a producer.


He is best known for his works In the Soup and 13 Moons.


In the movie 13 Moons, which is a comedy, starred Rockwell's wife, Karyn Parsons.


Other Alexandre Rockwell's movies are Pete Smalls Is Dead, Louis & Frank, Four Rooms, Hero, Lenz and Little Feet.


Currently, Rockwell is taking some time from the film set, as he is teaching directing at NYU's graduate film school and resides in Los Angeles.


Alexandre Rockwell Net Worth

Alexandre's net worth is a very significant number.


According to some reports his net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Alexandre Rockwell Social Media

Alexandre does not use any social media networks.


He does not have an Instagram account.


Also he is not using Twitter.

Alexandre Rockwell Relationships

Alexandre has been familiar with the life of a married man before.


Such as his current wife, Karyn Parsons, Rockwell has been married before.


He had married the actress Jennifer Beals in 1986, but their marriage ended in 1996.


Jennifer starred in some of Alexandre's movies such as In the Soup.

Alexandre Rockwell and Karyn Parsons Children

Alexandre Rockwell and Karyn Parsons have been blessed with two lovely children.


Their daughter Lana Rockwell was born in 2003 and their son Nico Rockwell was born in 2007.