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PewDiePie Wife - Marzia Kjellberg

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Felix Kjellberg is the most famous YouTuber in the world, and there is no second opinion on this.

Are you still wondering who Felix is? Well, he goes with the nickname PewDiePie, so here is the answer to your question.

We decided to take a closer look into PewDiePie's personal life and give you more information regarding his wife, so let's begin.

Who is Felix Kjellberg's wife?

Felix is married to the beautiful Marzia Kjellberg.

PewDiePie began dating Marzia back in 2011, after they were introduced to each other through a friend of hers.

They started to exchange online letters and Felix was so astonished by her that he decided to fly to Italy and meet her. A couple of months later, Marzia moved to live with him in Sweden.

After seven years of dating, in April 2018, Felix finally pulled out the engagement ring, which price was £100,000 and the couple got engaged.

On August 19, 2019, PewDiePie and Marzia got married in a lavish wedding ceremony, which cost around £120,000.

Who is Marzia Kjellberg?

Marzia is mostly known for being PewDiePie's long-time partner.

The Italian beauty was also a well renowned YouTuber with over 7M subscribers.

Now let's take a closer look into Marzia Kjellberg's biography and learn more about her.

Marzia Kjellberg Bio

Marzia Bisognin's date of birth is on October 21, 1992, which means that her age is 28.

According to her birthday, Marzia's zodiac sign is Libra.

Marzia Kjellberg was born in Arzignano, Province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy, meaning that her nationality is Italian.

Marzia Kjellberg Family and Education

Marzia was born in the family of Marziano Bisognin and Franca Bisognin.

She has one sibling, a younger brother, Davide Bisognin.

Marzia finished her education in Italy before she moved to live with Felix.

Marzia Kjellberg Career

Marzia is a versatile person.

She works as a fashion designer, as well as a book writer.

Marzia was also a YouTube vlogger, as she had her own channel, but on October 22, 2018, she announced that she was quitting the platform and she won't be uploading any new content.

Marzia also has her own clothing brand for unisex clothes, Tsuki.

We mentioned that she is a book writer, well Marzia has published a young adult fantasy book called La Casa Dei Sogni ( Dream house: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia).

The gorgeous Italian also has a jewellery, pottery, and home decor brand, Mai.

Marzia Kjellberg Net Worth

It is believed that Marzia Kjellberg's net worth is around $2 million.

That's one of the perks of being a business owner.

Marzia Kjellberg Social Media

Marzia is very popular on social media platforms.

She has over 8.2M followers on Insta and 4M on Twitter.

When she was part of the YouTube community she had over 7.65M subscribers.

You can check Marzia Kjellberg's Instagram account here, and her Twitter profile here.

Marzia Kjellberg Tattoos

Marzia Kjellberg has 22 tattoos or at least the ones that we are aware of.

She has one on her right foot - two music notes, a treble clef and a bass clef, that together form a heart.

On her upper back Marzia has a sun that is representing the yin-yang sign.

On her left arm she has a forearm of chamomile, which is her favorite flower.

Where does Marzia Kjellberg live?

Many of you might be interested in where Marzia lives. Well, Marzia Kjellberg and her spouse are settled in Brighton, England.

They also have a property in Japan, which was burgled in 2019.