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Julia Garner Husband – Mark Foster

Julia Garner Husband Mark Foster

Julia Garner is probably one of the most promising rising stars in Hollywood.


As a proof to that comes her two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, which she won for her role in Ozark.


However, at the Emmy Awards she was accompanied her husband, who for many might seems, as a familiar face.


Who is Julia Garner husband?

Julia Garner is married to Mark Foster.


The couple met at the Sundance Film Festival and after some small talk about their relatives, they realized that Julia’s grandmother and Mark’s grandfather lived in the same town, just outside of Cleveland.


They fell in love with each other and after just 10 months of dating, Mark proposed to Julia in May 2019.


But they did not want to wait long before getting married, so in December 2019, Mark Foster and Julia Garner tied the knot in a lovely wedding ceremony at New York’s City Hall.


Now you may wonder who Mark Foster is, so we decided to take a closer look into his life.

Mark Foster Biography

Mark Foster was born on February 29, 1984, which means that his age is 36.


According to his birthday, Mark’s zodiac sign is Pisces.


Mark was born in Cleveland, Ohio and his nationality is American.

Mark Foster Career

You might recognize Mark, as he is the lead singer of the band Foster the People.


The band’s big breakthrough was back in 2009 and ever since then they has released three albums: Torches (2011), Supermodel in 2014, and Sacred Hearts Club in 2017.


However, for Mark everything started ever since he was young.


He took many guitar, drums and piano lessons when he was still a boy.


As a teenager, Foster even was part of many garage bands.


When Mark graduated from high school, it was his father who encouraged him to move with his uncle in California and pursue a musical career.

Personal Life

Mar had his struggles when he went to Los Angelis.


He had to work many things in order to make ends meet - waiter, he was painting houses, telemarketing, and bar tending.


The artist even had a drug addiction back in the time.


He had abused drugs, but when he realized what that does to his health and after one of his friends, Brad Renfro died from drugs addiction, he decided that it is time to rehabilitate himself.


However, in an interview, Foster admitted that one of his biggest inspirations to make music is the band The Beach Boys.


So, you can imagine what it felt like to perform alongside then t the 2012 Grammy Awards. It was like a dream come true for Mark.

Mark Foster was also involved in a relationship with Nina Dobrev back in 2014.

Mark Foster Social Media and Net Worth

Being a musician means that you are a popular person and Mark is one indeed.


He is very popular on Instagram, as he has over 140K followers.


On Insta, he often posts snaps of him and his wife, and from what we’ve seen he is very supportive husband.


He has uploaded several photos of Julia, when she won the Emmys with an inspiring captions of how proud he is with her.


You can check Mark Foster Instagram here.

Mark Foster's net worth is said to be around $10 million.